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Freelance website for publishing freelancer services

Now many sites freelance services provide their sites for placing different types of ads. The huge range of different freelance sites brings some uncertainty - which one to choose?  First of all, you need to browse a large number of the most popular services and identify several that suit you - where there are interesting categories or where popular similar to your services. Of the selected services, half of the freelance sites will not support your language and suitable payment method for your region. Also, most services will simply be unavailable, when placing ads, for your country. Moreover, even if there will be popular category of services, similar or more or less suitable for you, most likely niche will be occupied by hundreds, or even thousands of ads, where your freelance service just lost. As a result, there will be 1-2 freelance site, which still will not satisfy all the needs of the freelancer - «Best of the worst». After the research, the question remains: why is there stil

Powerfull Social Media Platform

Choosing a platform to build a true scale-out social network is the first step to building a successful and viable project. Remember - none of the existing solutions based on well-known web engines (WordPress, InstantCMS and others) is suitable for creating a real social network.

What are the requirements for a platform for creating a social network?

1. Scalability. Scalability refers to the ability to use distributed computing and storage systems. Social media must be able to withstand colossal pressures. The usual stack of technologies used to create ordinary sites and engines is not suitable for creating complex high-load projects.

2. Using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an irreplaceable assistant in moderation of a huge amount of user content. Imagine that every second the volume of publications increases by 1000. And all of these publications should be automatically checked for their content (including images and videos).

3. User data security and end-to-end encryption capabilities for form submissions. The backend of the platform for a social network should be organized in such a way that user data is protected as much as possible from any malicious activity. Anti-hacking algorithms, dual authorization systems, server solutions in the field of information security - a huge number of nuances that must be foreseen and based on the solution.

Are there platforms that include everything you need to create a real social network?

Of course. This is the QSNE (Qwerty Social Network Engine) platform developed by the European company Qwerty Networks. Many well-known projects operate on the basis of the solutions that formed the basis of this platform. In fact, thanks to QSNE, the creation of social networks has become available to everyone. Therefore, if you want to build a reliable, secure and powerful social network, contact Qwerty Networks.

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