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Powerfull Social Media Platform

Choosing a platform to build a true scale-out social network is the first step to building a successful and viable project. Remember - none of the existing solutions based on well-known web engines (WordPress, InstantCMS and others) is suitable for creating a real social network. What are the requirements for a platform for creating a social network? 1. Scalability. Scalability refers to the ability to use distributed computing and storage systems. Social media must be able to withstand colossal pressures. The usual stack of technologies used to create ordinary sites and engines is not suitable for creating complex high-load projects. 2. Using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an irreplaceable assistant in moderation of a huge amount of user content. Imagine that every second the volume of publications increases by 1000. And all of these publications should be automatically checked for their content (including images and videos). 3. User data security and end-to-end e
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How to create your own social network?

Social media is a very profitable business; at least one successful startup appears in this area every year. So how do you create your own social network? Many of those who want to create their own social network spend precious time looking for ready-made engines or trying to develop them on their own. This is a big mistake. The fact is that, despite the availability of proposals, ready-made social media engines (for example, on WordPress) will only allow you to create a web project that looks like a social network, but will not be such. The fact is that "under the hood" of real successful social networks, solutions and stack technologies are used that are different from those used to create ordinary web projects. Social networks are, first of all, highly loaded projects. Secondly, there are serious OWASP security requirements, incl. personal data of users. Thirdly, the technology stack used to create social networks includes solutions based on artificial intelligence. Artifi

Social Network Engine

Social Networks Engine  is an abbreviation of the QSNE (Qwerty Social Networks Engine) platform, which is designed to create social networks like Facebook, Instagram and other well-known projects. Despite the fact that the name of the platform contains the word ENGINE, this is not an engine, but a platform that includes a framework for creating highly loaded projects and many other functionalities inherent in social networks. The QSNE platform is a publicly available solution distributed commercially by Qwerty Networks . In fact, any interested or potential investor can become a potential owner of a new social network created on the basis of QSNE. Moreover, Qwerty Networks co-finances (up to 60%) projects, the idea of which is unique and interesting. To create your own social network, you need: 1. Come up with a project idea. Do not try to write a technical assignment - you cannot do this due to the lack of competencies. Just describe in your own words what kind of project you want to